Does this sound like your library?
1. You wish to elevate your public presentation, such as in your program guides, flyers, and signage, but do not know where to go?

I am here to help. ​​​​​​​
2. You want to improve your program guides, have custom bookmarks, and better mailers, but do not have enough budget to have a full-time designer on staff?

For a fraction of the cost of having a full-time designer on staff, I can help fill that gap.
3. Does all the design work fall to a full-time staff member who is already busy with their main responsibilities such as the Community Coordinator, a department head, or a business librarian? 

By working with me you can help relieve the design-work pressure on these staff members.


Email me to request my
'Library Design & Branding: Price and Process Guide' 

If you already have a specific project in mind include a brief description

Seasonal Program Guides
Having a visually dynamic program guide each season is a wonderful tool for a library to be able to better engage with patrons and get them excited about all that you are doing.
With the public so used to Tweets, social media, and processing images while skimming the text, having a well-designed program guide with strong visuals helps to ensure that your programs are seen.

Summer Reading Packages
Want unique visuals & promotional materials for your Summer Reading Program and other Reading Challenges? I can work with your library to put together a custom SRP bundle of colorful family-friendly banners, postcards, logos, and signs that make your library stand apart and help get your patrons excited about all the awesome programs you are offering. 
Library Cards, Postcards, Bookmarks,
& Other Outreach Materials
Do you have quarterly postcards or mailers you send out to your community to let them know all the wonderful things your library is offering? Or perhaps a millage coming up on the ballot, or a new incentive you wish to promote? I can work with you to create custom postcards, bookmarks to give out a circ, ads, you name it.
Special Projects Unique to Your Library
Maybe you have something very unique in mind? Such as refreshing or starting a pop-up library and needing signage, a new Storywalk sign, special event flyers, new book sale banners, or cool stickers to give away to your younger patrons. I'd love to help design these for you.

As a designer, my aim is to help create a connection between libraries and their community through custom dynamic on-brand imagery. As a boutique design studio, I can help elevate any visual touchpoint, print or digital, where your library interacts with its patrons.

Be sure to request my
'Library Design & Branding: Price and Process Guide'
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