Bringing a sense of adventure to GrandCon! 
I’ve had the pleasure of being commissioned to illustrate the key artwork and doing the design work for GrandCon, the largest tabletop gaming convention in Michigan, for the previous three shows and GrandCon 8 in 2022.  For this key art, my client asked me to capture the feel of a fantasy board game cover in the core design. 

This project involved creating multiple design applications including large banners to hang throughout the Devos Place Convention Center, vertical and horizontal ads for convention center displays, posters to hang in businesses throughout Grand Rapids, web content, as well as social media post images.
Merch, merch, merch!
In addition to the ads and promotional materials, I used the key art to design various merch items for the convention and myself. This included the official GrandCon t-shirt for each given year, gaming playmats, mousepads, stickers, and the yearly convention badges.
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